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Sean Combs

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The Re-Invention of Willie Taylor – One of Our Top Sellers

Willie Taylor: I love music with all I have, and I chalk every good and bad thing up as a Learning experience. However, as far as the group is concerned, I must say there were days where I thought "this is my last day as a Heartbeat"(lol)....
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Sky Nellor: From Supermodel To Celebrity DJ and Millionairest

Well, I didn’t think when I was a teenager, I wanted to be a model. That was probably the last think I wanted to do since my mother was a model, and I wasn’t interested, but a lot of people told me I should do it. Finally, the photographer just took me straight to an agency, and they signed me on the spot. A few weeks later they shipped me off to Japan, and it was an experience...
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Day 26 | A New Day

You had to have been under a rock in 2009 not to know who Day 26 was. MTV’s mastery promotional machine along with P Diddy had us all hanging onto every sound b...