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USL Magazine’s Top DJ’s from Hip-Hop to R&B, Pop, Reggae, and EDM.

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Steve Aoki Just Became An Honorary Mexican With This Remix

Steve Aoki added a touch of Regional Mexican Music to his set during a concert in Mexico and we are not complaining! The acclaimed EDM DJ changed his repertoire a little bit during a performance in Aztec ground and pleased the crowd...

The Charismatic DJ Fadelf Exclusive Interview

So I had the opportunity to get him to answer a few questions. Some of which are typical, but others like his type, style of deejaying, passion for his craft and others weren't so obvious. Read for yourself and let us know what you think......
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L-Nize and Qwote Releases Debut Single Blowin My Mind

After the successful release of his debut single "Blowin' My Mind" feat. Qwote, which had radio airplay on Berlin´s leading radio station Kiss FM Berlin, producer/Dj L-Nize now drops a remix that´s strictly catered to the dance floor. No one less than UK hit producer Bellatrax gave...
DJ Beestroh

DJ Beestroh Of Hot 107.9 Atlanta: Next On His List

“I think this was one interview I wish I had done personally. It is not often you get to meet someone, in the business, who does not practice self-indulgence. DJ Beestroh has a rare personal quality people should take note of, and I...
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DJ Joop – Just One Night

DJ JOOP TALKS ABOUT HIS NEW SINGLE... We’ve had the opportunity to hear your new single JOOP “Just One Night” featuring Tiffany Johnson and thought it is an ...