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Get Fluxed Up with Singer and Producer Flux Pavilion
by DrewJanuary 6, 2013
Singer and Producer - "Flux Pavilion, is an English dubstep producer and DJ. He is the co-founder of Circus Records, along with Doctor P and DJ Swan-E. He is best known for his 2011 single "Bass Cannon",
Producer Papa of PapaRoc Unleashed
by DrewSeptember 10, 2012

Producer Papa is currently working with his two artists Jason London – “Hey” single and Jah The Element – “Take My Time Single. Papa also does music reviews for USL Magazine and has produced the theme songs for The Ultimate Spotlight CMV and the upcoming new entertainment TV show USL Magazine Live. For booking contact Patrick Kelly at

Q&A with Producer Papa…

How did you first realize you had a love for music and the passion, talent and creativity to become a producer?

When I was around the age of 6 or 7, I remember a annual ceremony called “TAJABONE.” This was a ceremony in which kids would handcraft their own drums out of empty food cans and sheepskin.  The process was very intricate and it would always amaze me to see how determined these young kids were, about following the steps of building the drums. First you had to bury the skin for about 2 days. Once excavated, you would boil it for cleansing purposes and also to make the fur easy to remove. The last step was to take the cleaned skin and lay it over the can, with the top cut off. Finally, you would tie the sheepskin onto the can with a sturdy rope. After the ceremony, the kids would put away their drums and I would be the only one in the neighborhood still disturbing the peace, banging my drums. That ceremony, in addition to my dad blasting music in the [...]

Antonio Giacca New Single Majestic
by pkSeptember 5, 2012

[dropcap]Q&A with Antonio on his latest single…[/dropcap]

What does “the event that we all know as “Antonio” has arrived” mean?

Well lately there’s been a flood on the market of music that all sounded the same and to be honest, things were starting to get a little boring. Every DJ played the same tracks and I felt the need to bring something fresh to the scene; something more than the usual electro drop and sexier. And that’s where my sound is heading, in the next few months, with the releases that will be coming out under the “Antonio Giacca” sound. We’ve been trying them out in clubs and people’s response have been amazing; showing that the scene is indeed looking for something a little different…

“Majestic” is definitely the ultimate music high and from your arrangements, it’s a riveting roller coaster. What dream can we thank for you creating this masterpiece? Can we have explicit details, please?!

Well, “Majestic” was inspired by the old dance music; the one back then that we used to whistle along in clubs all together… I wanted to do a track that could bring that kind of happy, energetic, “we are all one” vibe that made people humming the melody along all together.

You are your own label, thus, you approve and are in control of your artistry. How important is it for the individual artist to have total control of their [...]

Zaytoven: Grammy Award Winner
by pkJuly 6, 2012

No stranger to the hip hop world, platinum producer Zaytoven is embarking on a new journey as a rapper and he doesn’t care if you like how he spits or not. He’s doing it for the fun of it; because he can and he’s Zaytoven B#tch! He requires no introduction because his name speaks for itself. Creating compositions for such A-List artists as Superstar Usher Raymond, Gucci Mane, Oj Da Juiceman, Plies, Wocka Flocka and countless others, USL is very appreciative in being able to bring to you a little on who Zaytoven is personally and some of his perspectives on music.

What were some transitional influences you had to overcome to submerge yourself in southern hip hop and build on your sound?

When I came down south, I had to find my sound, but it wasn’t a hard transition. I just had to learn that the 808 drum kick rules the tracks here, so just mixing that with the style I had already was basically all I needed to do.

Being one of the top producers for southern music, how do you keep your sounds fresh? I stay fresh by working with fresh new artists. You’ve worked with many a-list artists who are important trailblazers in the rap music industry. If you had to choose your favorite 5, according to favorable experiences, who would they be and why?

I would choose Gucci for his work ethic, OJ because he has great energy, Gorilla Zoe because of his artistry, Plies for his style, and Usher because he’s Usher; a superstar!

As a producer, do [...]

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