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What If Donald Trump Racist Remark About Haiti and El Salvador Was a Mask?

Welcome to What If! The daily supposition on “what if’s” happening in politics. Opinions in this column are hypothetical’s that might be true, may be proven correct, or is a secret only known to those who keep secrets; or these could just be hypothetical’s. Regardless, you are encouraged to pay attention, think for yourself, listen, and use your brain for more than just selfies, texting, sexting and other foolishness that may not be a detriment to your life, your well-being or future.

What if Donald Trump made the racist and incendiary remark about Haiti and El Salvador to mask the media covering his physical?

No one should be surprised that Donald Trump will do and say anything to cover-up his lies and many crimes. Knowing that the media would take him to task about his physical well-being, Trump created the biggest shit-storm he possibly can to steer the media away from his horrible and failing health. We know that Donald Trump is inept. We know that he is a kook. We know that he is a habitual liar. We know that he is a criminal. But he thinks we do not know that he has horrible health, that is mind is failing him, and that he will stop at nothing to cover that up.

Two sayings will always stand true. One, you can take the person out the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the person. Two, what is in the dark will always come to light, no matter who you are, how many connections you have, or how much money you pretend to have.

Do you believe that Donald Trump is in great health, as the White House doctor professed today? Do you believe that Donald Trump’s health has been failing for years, and he and everyone around him have lied to cover that up? Do you think Dr. Ronny Jackson is a liar, and is lying about Trump’s good health? What do you think?



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