One-Line Review: What The Hell - Lady Gaga #Superbowl51 Muffin-Top and Disappointed Performance? -- I woke up this morning, and I was still feeling the sting of the loss to New England by the Falcons last night. "We had it!" Well, I thought we had it... our pondering minds exclaiming. But we did not get that 4th-quarter close, which so many of us just knew was a definite. I must say, "the Falcons played their asses off last night, though, and Julio is my all-time favorite player." I am looking forward to next year when the Falcons win Superbowl 52 in the brand-new Mercedes-Benz Stadium. "RISE UP people!"

On another note, can we all agree that the performances at Superbowl 51 were lack-luster? From the "Star Spangled Banner" sung by Luke Bryan to those three chicks singing, to Lady Gaga performance. What a huge miss. And what the hell was going on with Lady Gaga muffin-top. Woman, don't you know you need to tighten up before wearing next-to-nothing, while 10's of millions of people staring at you? "Come on man," as President Obama would say. Lady Gaga's performance last night was boring. What happened to mega performances like Michael Jackson, Beyonce and Bruno Mars? I need to feel ten shots of espresso CRUNKED (ATL slang), but that did not happen!

Well, this was supposed to be a "one line review," but too much happened at Superbowl 51 last night for that...

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