So why was Sean combs and his 20-year Bad Boy performance on the BET Awards show last night one of the worst performances in the awards show history. What was his excuse for being so horrible? I believe it was the lame line-for-an-excuse, "we've been celebrating our 20-year anniversary..." I guess he had too much Ciroc and being old and out-of-shape. Was that the reason he fell and bust his ass? Not ON-FLEEK Seany! Just one to two drinks before a performance "Diddy!" What about his tongue twister? How are you going to honor a living legend like Smokey Robinson and not have your stuff together. Bad Boy, "hooked on phonics" is cheap as hell. Get it! Read it and don't ever mess up Smokey's sh#t again. I know he was like, "who is this fool on stage trying to honor me?"

So too much Ciroc, being old and tired and wearing ugly, out-dated clothes from the 90s did Diddy in! There is no excuse for being lame and horrible on the BET Awards show! Thank goodness for the Queen Bee. At lease she was like she never left the game. -Wilford G.

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