Sunday, September 28th was a huge night for Luke James as he headlined his first event ever. Fans flocked to Center Stage’s Vinyl in Atlanta to see Luke James perform his debut album, “Luke James.” James gave a stellar performance and continued to keep the energy and emotion in the crowd as he sang hits from his album as well as fan requests. The feeling in the room was so overpowering that James did an encore!

USL Magazine's correspondent, Eric Thomas, sat down with James to discuss a topic that is very important to him and his journey. In his performance, James stated that he want to be himself and remain Luke James. Thomas asked James, “How hard is it to not conform to the challenges of the music industry?" James said it was a constant conflict between making money and staying true to himself. “At-the-end-of-the-day, if I make no money and the album does not sell, I am at peace with saying, "I, Luke James, did it how I wanted to do it."

"I did not conform to someone else’s idea. Because in my mind if it messed up and it's their idea, somebody is going to pay for it. I rather it is my idea, and me mess up and I can own that as a man and I am comfortable with that."

Interview by Eric Thomas

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