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Q&A with ABC’s “Risingstar” Contestant,  Shameia Crawford…

So Shameia, you’ve been singing all your life. What is the drive and inspiration that keeps you going, in such a tough and complicated industry?

When you have a gift inside that is much bigger than you… the mission is to get it to the world in the best and most effective way! My belief in myself and my gift have kept me going!

You are a part of the auditioning process with the new ABC “Rising Star” TV show. How did that all come together for you?

In January, I ran across a casting website and “Rising Star” was on the list being casted. I went to the website and checked it out! I submitted a cover video from last year and I kinda forgot about it. This pass April, I got a call to audition for the executive producers. A month later I kept getting calls. Finally, they told me I was coming to LA. I audition amongst 50 or more contestants and made it to the top 30! Now I am here performing for the world!

What was the feeling like, when the producers said you were chosen to audition on live TV, in front of millions?

I cried “alligator tears.” I am getting emotional thinking about it! I have a constant prayer in life! I’ve prayed for this! I’ve prepared for this! It is my time to make it, and I deserve this! I feel blessed for this opportunity!

Those of us who knows you, say your audition is in the bag. What do you say about that?

I am grateful that so many believe in my abilities! I am a hard worker! I am a student to music… and I am always learning and growing! Those who say I’ve got it in the bag, that is just motivation to get it in the bag! Haa!

Who have been your greatest supports?

My parents, husband, church families, close friends and specific family members! They consistently appreciate my gift and get excited for small and big accomplishments

When you get a recording contract, will you still be a gospel and inspirational artist or will that change?

I will always stay true to my roots, writing and leading praise and worship. However, my genre has changed in a couple of years. I call my music “life” music, and my genre is Industrial Soul (a mix of r&b/soul, gospel, and pop music).

Who would you like to collaborate with, on any upcoming projects?

One Republic for sure, R Kelly, Usher, and Mali Music for right now! I am sure I’ll be introduced to other artists and creators I will love to collaborate on projects.

If you could say one inspiring thing to young girls out there, what would that be?

I have so much more than one thing to say. First, keep God first at all times, work hard at everything you do, discover your passions, and learn and master several trades, so you always have money. Save your money. Connect with Shameia at www.twitter.com/Shameiamusic.



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