Luckie Losers takes on Los Angeles. Luckie Losers was an official sponsor for Trea Day's Annual Pre-Espy Beauty and the Beast SWAG Lounge. Owner Rashad Baker had great meetings with celebrity stylists in which you will be seeing his brand in upcoming magazine shoots, music videos, movies, and on your favorite celebrity. Luckie Losers represents those who were stereotyped and discriminated against because of their cultural differences, financial status, and or personal beliefs, but used it as motivation to pursue their dreams and create their own lane to success. Luckie Losers stands behind the belief that we control whether or not we reach the heights that we want to reach and not what society tells us we can. Luckie Losers apparel is inspired by our everyday life, what we see and what we have experienced growing up. From the 90’s gangsta rap, baggy clothes, Saturday morning Tom and Jerry cartoons, Super Mario Bros video games, and rushing home to watch Power Rangers after school, all the way up to the present where social media is everything, skinny jeans are in, reality TV has taken over TV, and gangsta rappers have turned into pop artist. To get your Luckie Losers gear visit their website at and follow them on twitter, facebook, instagram, and pinterest @LuckieLosers. -The MeMe Agency



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