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"If there will be no tomorrow, the one thing I want to experience is some good music. And I should do the best I can to contribute to that' – comments JouTi on how the Ukrainian revolution affected her creativity. JouTi's name comes from the Sanskrit word 'Light'. Through years of hard work, composition, and arrangement classes, JouTi made a noticeable development that resulted in winning multiple classical music contests. She made her EDM debut with her first single 'My Love Is Stronger' feat. Andi Vax which ended up hitting the #1 spot on the Kiss Fm top 10 dance chart from Ukraine, and ever since has gathered an incredible amount of support on various compilations alongside acts such as Avicii, Nero, David Guetta, Krewella and Seven Lions.

The finalists for 'So you Think You Can Dance' (Ukraine) played a big part In the official video for 'My Love Is Stronger.' 

For JouTi her single 'My Love Is Stronger' is more than just a debut track, it is part of her life. Her feelings, inner fights and hesitations were all put into the making of this track as an extension of her soul.

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Since JouTi was a child her dream has always to become a successful composer. While playing Chopin & Mozart she would made her own variations of their masterpieces and introduced them to her piano class composition teacher. JouTi was greatly inspired by her teachers and decided to continue her music education. When she enrolled into a higher education music school she was discouraged by her parents and went a different route graduating two universities and made a career in the Marketing & PR fields working on large scale projects for companies such as LG, Sony, and Dior. After a while she began to feel she betrayed herself and her dream of becoming a music composer. So she took another shot at it getting a fresh start in Pop Music and shortly thereafter entered into the EDM realm. "Finally, music spins my world. It makes me better, I’m happy when I see that I’ve created, This is my way to make the world a better place.”

JouTi has another new and exciting track 'Designed To Fly' on its way as well as some very promising collaborations with an Armada artist being released September/October 2014.


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Source: Wilf Libgott - Hammarica.com LLC



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