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Q &A with founder Mike “Money Mike” Foland of the Las Vegas male revue “Men of The Strip.”




“Men of The Strip” is different in many ways from Chippendales. The main difference is the cast of “Men of The Strip” are all straight and love females.”

Do you think there’s a commonality between wrestling fans and fans of “Men of the Strip?”

The commonality between wrestling fans and “Men of The Strip” fans is all fans pay to be entertained. Although the female fans tend to pay a little more and act a little more crazy while being entertained. Girls are wild and sneaky! I see it like this, girls act like cats, guys act like dogs. The difference is cats bury their shit.

In the beginning, why did you believe the “Men of the Strip” would be a great investment?

I believed “Men of the Strip” would be a great investment because “sex sells”, and there is a ton of money to be made in this industry. The game needed a change and the four partners involved in this brand all have the same vision in creating the best male revue anyone has ever seen.

Has any of your old MMA colleagues asked to be apart of the revue? If not, who do you think would be a good addition?

None of my MMA colleagues has expressed any interest in being a part of “Men of The Strip.” If I were able to bring on an MMA colleague, it would have to be the legendary French Canadian, George St. Piere (GSP), because women love him, and he has fancy footwork.

Sometimes critics say that a reality TV show destroys brands. What do you think the reality TV aspect of “Men of the Strip” would do for its image?

The TV aspect of “Men of The Strip” all comes down to the edit booth. If edited correctly the world will see the talented, charismatic, unique personalities in every single cast member. Once the world sees what we have to offer I know they will fall in love with the personalities.

Who in your family is on “Team Money Mike”, for starting “Men of The Strip?”

My mother is my biggest supporter of everything I do. She has been by my side from the very first day the “Men of The Strip” idea came about.

What was your motivation or interest in creating the Las Vegas male revue?

My motivation in creating a male revue was solely based on the belief that I can create a better show than the male revues that currently exist, and in doing so I will make a ton of money. They don’t call me “Money Mike” for nothing!

How is your show different from the very popular Chippendales?

“Men of The Strip” is different in many ways from Chippendales. The main difference is the cast of “Men of The Strip” are all straight and love females. I believe if you are doing a male revue for women your performers should love women not men! “Men of The Strip” cast members are younger, in better shape, can dance better, sing and will out entertain any male revue troop on the planet. Don’t forget the fact that we will have the number one rated TV show on the E! network.

What “Men of the Strip” merchandise do you believe will generate the most revenue and are there any new products you provide in the near future, aside from calendars?

The “Men of The Strip” merchandise that will generate the most revenue is “The Go-Tie”. This is the tie of our signature look, and it’s white with red lips on the bottom. Our new product line launches May 26th, along with our reality TV show. Check out MenofTheStrip.com and see what we have to offer.

You and the crew recently finished your first tour. What was the experience like? What were the best and worst and what tweaking, if any, do you think need to happen?

Getting the cast together for the first time and living on a tour bus as we conquered 42 cities in 49 days was an extreme challenge. The experience was amazing, and it brought us together as one. These guys are not only my employees; I look at them all as friends, and I feel as close to them as family members. The best part of the tour was drinking with my friends every night while entertaining thousands of women. The worst part of the tour was our bus driver Steve, whose job seemed to be to make our tour as stressful as possible. The only tweaking I think we need to make would be to give the guys more days off between shows.

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