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One fourth founding member of the Grammy nominated and multi-platinum selling group 98 Degrees, Jeff Timmons, currently holds a new crown as the “New Mr. Las Vegas”, with the success of his roles in the infamous Chippendales.

Timmons’s new success spawned possibly one of his greatest ideas yet... to recreate what a real male revue should encompass. Thus, the concept of the “Men of The Strip” was born with co-founders “Money Mike” and Emmy nominated choreographer and creative director, Glen Douglas Packard.

These men seem to have the right recipe for success or at least the success of aspiring, handsome men who not only dances, but can sing and act. All of them profess the same idea: “Men of The Strip” is a win, win and plans on making a lot of money.

Timmons took some time out of his busy schedule to part with us some thoughts and advice, in a Q&A, which you can read for yourself.

Why a male revue? What’s the back-story behind you being a part of “Men of Strip”?

I saw extraordinary success with the concept when I hosted a show in Vegas a few years back. Remember, I was a host and singer, not a dancer. I do not have the physique these guys have.

Your physique seems to do fine, and most fans would not have a problem with it. Are you always so modest and is that something that comes from your upbringing?

Well, I was raised to be the best. I can always see very clearly my flaws, no matter how successful I am, or no matter how good I may look. It’s a blessing because I am always working and trying to get better, but a curse because I never relax or give myself credit, and as I get older, I am starting to realize I will never be perfect.

How has the transition been from being in a band like 98 Degrees to hosting a male revue show?

Easy! All of our younger female fans grew up, and deserve their girl’s night out!

You are now married to your second wife, how does she feel about you being an exotic performer?

I’ve always been an exotic performer, even when I was in 98 Degrees. Lol! My wife loves and encourages it. She’s the best.

As a grown-up, you are expected to do grown-up things. However, being a father can put you in precarious situations like your young children asking you about work. What would you tell them or have you had this conversation already?

They’ve seen both shows I’ve done. Nothing I ever do is that over the edge or raunchy enough to hide from my children.

You are not new to reality TV, but how do you think the “Men of The Strip” reality show will differ from “Mission Man Band?”

There is much better production and backing...

Where do you see a reality show like “Men of the Strip” two seasons from its debut and what do you hope to accomplish?

I want to live vicariously through the guys. I want them to extend their brands, and see their hopes and dreams come into fruition. So much of the focus has been on me throughout my career, and it’s nice to see other folks go through the process and meet their goals.

How have you been able to keep your body in such great shape? What’s your daily routine and diet?

All beer, no food, lol...

No, seriously… How do you keep your body so fit? Don’t say it’s, “All beer, no food.”

I just watch my diet and try to stay lean. I do yoga, free weights, and many restrictions diet-wise.

You’ve been in the male revue business for years, in Vegas? Why have you now thought to share it with millions of people through reality TV?

I feel the behind the scenes lives of these performers make an incredible story. Glenn Douglas Packard has created an amazing stage show and the combination of the two scenarios is priceless to see.

If you could dance for any one person in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?

I don’t dance, but I’d love to perform with Britney, Christina, or Gaga.

Why perform with Brittany, Christina and Lady Gaga? How has each of these superstars influenced you?

They are all about re-invention and creativity. Their stage shows always impress.

What is one interesting fact about you that we would not guess based on looking at you and your profession?

I’m very shy.

So you’re shy, uh? When performing or singing happy birthday for someone on entertainment TV, how do you brave the shyness and just step out there?

You just get into a set mind-frame; that is hard to explain. It’s a love, hate relationship with yourself.

Recently 98 Degrees reunited, any chances of a special episode of 98 Degrees, as a whole, being in a male revue routine?

I would love that!

What was one memorable experience you guys had, as a group performing, that no one knows?

I think doing a music video with Stevie Wonder. He was so incredibly humble, and music was just flowing through the guy. It was a dream.

Was there ever a time you felt a bit envious of Nick, because he was always the one who got all the attention?

No. I always like to give credit where it’s due. So, if you know the group, it was not always quite like that. Like all boy bands, every member in our group had millions of fans.

How has your fan-base changed from the days of 98 Degrees to the “Men of The Strip"?

Now, our fan-base is more diverse and older.

What is the weirdest fan request you’ve ever received personally, as a member of 98 Degrees and how did you handle it?

Never answered… Too steamy to mention, I guess!

Aside from the reality TV show and revue, can we expect any TV hosting jobs as your band-mate Nick Lachey?

I’ve been fortunate to have been offered many gigs doing that, but have been unable to because of personal situations with family and what not. However, Nick is a natural at it, and I was just on VH1’s “Big Morning Buzz” with him. It was incredible to see him do it.

What is the craziest thing a fan did in Vegas while you were performing?

Jeff said the show was too crazy to describe what happens during a performance. However, if anyone been to a strip club or saw “Magic Mike” staring Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum, you know exactly what goes on.

The revue is a grown up show, right? We’re all grown-ups and so are your fans… Taking a page from LL Cool J’s book… When asked about his provocative music, he said in no simpler words… "He’s grown, and his music is for grown-ups…"

It’s sexy, and not much different as far as the audience. I would not say it’s more grown up at all. “Men of the Strip” is more polished.

We know women can be just as wild in the strip clubs, some wilder than men… So what is the craziest grown-up thing a fan has ever done, while you are performing in Vegas?

I’ve had a few overly excited female fans show up in my dressing room naked.

Is there a rush? 

There is always a rush when I perform, but I get incredibly nervous right up until the second I hit the stage.

Honestly what do you get from it mentality?

I get pleasure from making folks happy.

Of all the things you’re learning, while being in the business, what advice can you give to those wanting to travel in your footsteps?

Stay humble, believe in yourself, and outwork everyone.

So who initiated the regrouping of 98 Degrees?

We all thought the timing was right.

Who called who first? What are the rehearsals like? You guys have not sung together in years?

We all sorta called each other. Rehearsal was like riding a bike though.

Do you guys take vocal coaching to enhance your voices?

Nah. Sometimes, the over-practicing can ruin your natural flavor.

What was it like going on tour after being away for so long?

It’s the best ever. No pressure. The time of our lives.

What was one memorable experience touring, since you all got back together?

I was fortunate to have my family on the road the entire time, which made it the most memorable tour ever.

Is 98 Degrees working on any new music? If so, what producers and features can we expect on the project?

We’re all working on solo stuff. I want to work with Timbaland, Red One, Planet IV, Ne-Yo, and the list goes on. Dr. Luke would be great, but I cannot afford him, lol.

What is it about Dr. Luke that impresses you so?

I love his sound and choice of chord progressions.

Are you releasing any solo projects in the near future?

You bet… Very soon.

What is the title of your solo single?

I have a song called “Home Run”, which I’m digging.

If you could personally work with any artist, musician or producer, who would it be and why?

Michael Jackson. He was the best. Quincey Jones is my idol.

What is it about Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones you admire or love so much?

Easy. Both are geniuses in all aspects of entertainment.

Any shout-outs you care to give? 

My Band-mates from 98 Degrees, my partners and cast members from “Men of the Strip”, Brian Graden Productions, the E! network, and most importantly, all of our fans who have allowed me to live the dream.


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Articles By: Patrick KellySpecial Thanks: Katrina Hirtz, Jeff Timmons, Eric Thomas, Glenn Douglas Packard, Money Mike, the staff and all the men of “Men of The Strip”.


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