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Q&A with Brad

 How was it auditioning for “Men on the strip?”

My audition was fun, and at the same time challenging at first, but once I got the choreography, it was just a good rush I love.

If you could dance for any one person in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?

That’s the easiest question and the answer would be the king, MJ. I would love to dance for Rihanna too.

What’s your favorite body part? What’s other people’s favorite body part on you?
My favorite body part would have to be my face. It has gotten me to where I am today, trust me! Lol. I would say others would say the same.

What’s you’re motivator?
My motivator is my wife, my deceased father, my mother who isn’t doing well in health, and all the people who told me it was not possible, along the way. Most importantly, my God who has brought me more life than I ever could imagine. I cannot let these people down period. I have no choice, but to become successful and fulfill my destiny and purpose in life.


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Q&A with Derek

How was it auditioning for “Men on the strip?”

It was a wild ride! My friend Christos sent me an email about the audition with the subject titled, “Yo D this is YOU! ” I applied immediately and sent as many pictures as needed. After going through several rounds of auditions, I finally made it to the last callback that would be taped and owners Money Mike, 98 degrees star Jeff Timmons, and famous choreographer Glenn Douglas Packard would be present. Getting there at 8 a.m., they made cuts all day to get to the final eight guys around 8 p.m., and we did not get an answer then! Lol. They told us we would be notified latest, Monday by noon. I waited by the phone and computer all day Sunday and Monday. Nothing. Tuesday, I received a call to be on hold but no offer. Late Wednesday night, while I was bartending, I got the call I was casted and have to move to Vegas by that Sunday! Wooo and I’m here.

If you could dance for any one person in the world, dead or alive who would it be?

I haven’t found them yet! I have heroes and family who are dear to me, but to dance for... That is a different story. I cannot wait to dance with, for, and on my future wife.

What’s your favorite body part? What’s other people’s favorite body part of you?

My favorite body part is my heart. Never quit! Other people’s favorites are my Eyes and Thighs!

What celebrity would you like dance for, date, shag?

I don’t think of celebrity’s the same way I use to. I bartend at the “it” place in Hollywood for almost five years and have seen everyone. They are just people too, some unpleasant, others extremely nice. I’ve seen JLo dance and in person she’s that much more amazing. I’d love for her to teach me how to salsa, then I could strip for her. To date, I was laying down groundwork for years. I refilled Amber Heard’s water at every chance possible. Pretty sure she took notice. Thanks for ruining that one Johnny Depp. Would shag The Victoria Secret Angels.

What’s you’re favorite sexual position and why?

Depends on the moment and who I’m doing. The best is when there is a passionate connection, and you can be in any position. I love to try new things, but no man has ever been mad at doggy style.

What’s you’re motivator?

I strive to push myself to be my best in everything I attempt. I could not live with anything less.

What does your mama say about you shaking your rump on stage?

I’m very blessed. I have the best Mom in the world. She supports me in anything I do, an extremely talented artist, and is a constant inspiration. Her maiden name is Reimer, and we call her Dreamer. It’s tattooed on my ribs, from when we got tattooed together the first time. Ma, I love you.

What are you passionate about?

I am very passionate about life; enjoying every day with a positive outlook. My family is my rock. I am going to make them, and myself, proud.


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 Q&A with Chaun

How was it auditioning for “Men on the strip?”

Auditioning for “Men of the Strip” was an exciting experience. The place was packed full of 80 to 100 hungry guys vying for a spot in the show. Though the excitement was high, I kept my cool, a smile on my face, and did the best I could with choreography. In the end, I was given the opportunity to join the “Men of the Strip” family.

If you could dance for any one person in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?

I must say Rihanna would be my choice.

What is your favorite song to dance to; not currently in your song list line-up?

It would be B.o.B.’s song “Throwback”.

What is your preferred style of dance?

My preferred style of dancing is Modern Dance.

Name one interesting fact about you that we would not guess, based on looking at you or your profession?

One that is not so obvious, but interesting, would be the fact that I can be a little shy at times. However, the shyness is easily turned off, once I hit the stage for screaming women.


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Q&A with Charles


How was it auditioning for “Men of the Strip?”

The auditions were so much fun! I felt so comfortable I got to be 100% myself. I truly lived in the present during the entire time. I got to see for the first time what “Money Mike” (the owner) had put together, and I was so excited and proud of what he had accomplished.

What’s your favorite body part? What someone else’s favorite body part on you?

I’d have to say my brain. I’m not saying I’m super intelligent, but I am very analytical. I love the fact that I was born to question everything. I feel that our actions require much thought, as opposed to following the herd.

What celebrity would you like to dance for, date, shag?

Celebrities don’t interest me. I really enjoy the company of my friends. I appreciate people who appreciate me. Nothing is better than spending 24/7 with my true family, my friends. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you to all my friends. You know who you are!

Get it free or pay? Why?

This question is different for me. Lol. I’d say get paid for it... However, I left porn 11/11/11. I lost interest in conquering. My heart is now held by one woman.

What’s your motivator?

I have two motivators. First, helping my friends accomplish their goals. Second, being able to take care of my o’le lady and give her a life of peace and harmony, we deserve.


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