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Q &A with Emmy Nominated Choreographer and Creative Director Glen Douglas Packard Of the Las Vegas male revue “Men of The Strip”.


Criteria for being a part of “Men of The Strip: “Talent. Charm. Body. Individuality.”

You’re well known in the business, having worked with some of the biggest stars. Who was the hardest person to work with and why?

I would have to say the artist that are on some kind of substance (drugs or alcohol), cuz you never know what you’re going to get on a day to day basis. When you’re trying to get a job done, it can make the creative aspect very difficult. So by seeing the list of names I have worked with, you can just take a guess on who those individuals are. I will save the names for my book one day. Wink!

You have worked on urban choreography, as well as Latin choreography, which dance do you find the hardest?

I’m a choreographer/creative director, so I’m one of those types of individuals I believe in doing research. A choreographer should have no limits to movement. As a young dancer, I took hip-hop dance, ballet, tap and African dance. I learned all styles so that I could pull it out of my library of movements. I did not want to limit myself. I recently did a Bollywood film, so I spent two months eating and breathing the Bollywood world, before showing up on set in Poland.

Criteria for being a part of “Men of The Strip: “Give me something unique and special! “

Why did you want to be a part of “Men of the Strip”?

First, I felt there was a need for something new in the world of Male Revue, after the popularity of the movie “Magic Mike”. I knew now was the time to strike cuz it was part of pop culture in entertainment. Second, I saw an opportunity to have something I could put my name on that I would hold my head up high and say “I created something from the ground up, so maybe when I’m long gone from this world, my family will be all right.”

You are not new to reality TV, coming from “Brooke Knows Best” on VH-1, but why do you believe “Men of the Strip” is your calling?

Thanks for this question. Many people wondered why I would go from working with fabulous artists and award shows and move to work with a male revue. I have to say, “some choreographers are better at doing hip-hop or doing musical theatre, but I have the patience and ability to train these types of performers. I get great pleasure out of it! Don’t get me wrong, yes, I’m a single gay guy, but I never cross that line. I want these guys to never feel uncomfortable with me, I want them to be the very best performers they can be, not to mention best men they can be. Although this show is about a lot of semi-naked men, these guys get to learn a lot about themselves and learn some life lessons along the way. If I’m going to be in a rehearsal room with these guys for hours after hours, I’m not just going to dance with them. I’m going to talk with them, get to know their dreams and maybe become that dream maker for them.

Criteria for being a part of “Men of The Strip: “You got to love the ladies. “

Do you think creating dance routines with men who are almost naked, allows you to tap more into your creative juices? If so, how or why?

The question for a gay man with men that barely have on clothes and creative juices could give some people the wrong idea. LOL I enjoy the challenge and these guys have the drive to make whatever I throw at them happen… It’s the super team of male revue…just wait and see.

How did you link up with Jeff Timmons? Did you ever do any choreography for him or the group 98 Degrees?

I ran into Jeff a few times over our careers… The group 98 Degrees, performed for the Michael Jackson “30th Anniversary Special,” and “Miracle on 34th Street”, when I was the creative director and choreographer. Both shows were at Madison Square Garden… However, where I got to know Jeff was on another reality show call “Mission Man Band” on Vh-1. Jeff will tell you ….. he does not dance.

What artist or talent will you love to work with as a choreographer, if you have not already?

I have always wanted to move into “the new country music industry” with my choreography & creative direction. I just like the home town feel of the artist! I’m a country boy at heart, being raised on one of the largest dairy farms in the mid-west; not to mention, I hear Dolly bakes a mean cookie!

Based on the talent you have worked with in the past, who could you see on “Men of the Strip” and why?

Ohhhh, I like this one…. Ok… Its a Latin artist… he has a huge Latin following… If you do not know him, just look him up… He is shirtless of course and man he is a charmer with the ladies; Chino of Chino Y Nacho… His full name is Jesús Alberto Miranda Perez. Yeah, I know it…What? Lol.

What was the craziest feedback you received about the male revue?

That the guys, need to go full frontal…. Do you really want dong flopping around during the dance moves? Really?


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