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The launch partner , Trojan Brand Condoms ™ , sponsored exclusive series

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NEW YORK, April 16, 2014 / PRNewswire -HISPANIC PR WIRE / - Univision Communications Inc. ( UCI ), the leading media company serving the Hispanic community in the United States, and Bedrocket , a leader in programming and digital innovation , today announced the official launch of Flame, TheFlama.com available . Flame is the first UCI chain available only online, known in English as over- the-top ( OTT ), which offers premium programming video in English to people 15-30 years who inspires and entertains culture latina influencing the younger generation of today. A group of five new original series to be released this week include a documentary on hip- hop Becky G , 17 ; a fake documentary or mockumentary about football ; a weekly program featuring the music expert D- stroy , a series of reviews with the unpredictable and incorrigible Granny Flame, and a series of short videos featuring comedian Johnny Sanchez and extraordinary character .

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TheFlama.com has known and rising stars in the field of comedy, music, sports and lifestyle. To support the ever growing creative community latina , Flame is a string to discover and share original and specially selected videos. Is dedicated to providing access to artists and stories produced by and for the millennial generation Hispanics .

" Flame is working with artists and writers who manage to connect with Hispanic youth through common experiences, a point of view and sometimes , just a passion for the flames ," said Steven Benanav , CEO of Flame. "We have created a chain to discover and share our fabulous audience programming that includes original series and best material selected from the Internet."

Besides working with artists that relate directly to the audience it is directed flare , the chain has hired latino comedian Al Madrigal ("The Daily Show," " About A Boy" ) as an initial advisor.

" While other companies have proposed to attract young Latinos and treat them as a homogeneous group , since Flame was created, the chain staff consists Latinos everywhere who are producing quality content for which , in fact, is a diverse group, " Madrigal said. "This is the most legitimate approach distinguishes flare and will result in your success."

Flame also announced the hiring of Alexis Tirado, general editor of TheFlama.com , formerly of MTV Networks, and Yamin Segal , director of programming and production flare , plus creator East Willy B, independent web series .

"I had no doubt going to work in Flame. Otherwise, have felt that I was passing up a great opportunity ," said Alexis Tirado, general editor of TheFlama.com . "There was one place on the Internet for entertainment that has been created by us and for us , young Hispanics , that is to use my experience and apply it to a new and edgy site is a crazy dream come true . Besides, my parents even approve of this work , though they do not understand the programming. "

TheFlama.com launches branded condoms like Trojan ™ partner. This is sponsoring an exclusive series that is scheduled to premiere in summer 2014 . Further details of the series will be offered.

"Since Trojan ™ is the most trusted name in sexual health for over 90 years , it is proposed to empower the Hispanic audience to take charge of their sexual health," said Bruce Weiss , vice president of brand marketing Trojan condoms ™ . " We are very proud to support this innovative series and hope to use it as a vehicle to initiate an open and honest dialogue about the importance of using a condom every time."

Original programming

With original and selected comedy programming , music, lifestyle and sports, the new series to be released this week include " Super Accurate Soccer History " , "Left Unattended with D- stroy ", " Drop the Mic with Becky G " "Grandma 's Review , " and "The Johnny Sanchez Show. "

" Super Accurate Soccer History "

 As a precursor to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil , this program presents the mockumentary style of football invented stories are so ridiculous it must be true . In the six-part series , well known comedians and players tell amazing stories about the football events and legends that have never before been heard.

"Left Unattended with D- stroy "

A week full of energy and D- stroy Melendez . Viewers will be invited to be part of the inimitable brand of comedy on popular topics D- stroy . With interviews and humorous interludes with complete and most influential musicians , including rapper Ice -T , DJ Premier and producer Just Blaze , D- stroy covering major events , blunders and advice on some of the best songs of the current society, and the most unexpected .

" Drop the Mic with Becky G"

Be aware of hip- hop Becky G , 17 , during the ups and downs he has had to break through and achieve fame in the music world , while trying to keep our feet on the ground with their families and friends. With the pace of a music video, each episode of this six-part Children's Programme is a time capsule time Becky G on your way to success. The series, narrated by Becky G, offers more than 3.2 million fans a look at his diary .

"Grandma 's Review "

Granny 's house Flame, who is 83 years old , share pearls of wisdom with viewers in a six-part series in which he presents reviews of the most popular products today, from electronics to food. Without mincing words , Grandma shares historical anecdotes about those days when everything was 'better' . Featured in Altagracia Guzman ( "Raising Victor Vargas " and " I Heart Huckabees " ) series .

"The Johnny Sanchez Show"

Wave capture and extraordinary comic character Johnny Sanchez ( " MADtv" "Happy Feet" ) when you share your mood and sound impressions in a fun and quirky series of short videos.

Flame Programming reign in TheFlama.com and partners who are among the leading distributors of video, as well as the YouTube , Twitter and Facebook social channels available to audiences worldwide .

About Flame

Flame is a digital chain for original programming, specially selected videos and other content in English, produced by , for and with Hispanic members of the millennial generation . A joint project of Univision Communications, Inc. , the leading media company serving the Hispanic community in the United States and Bedrocket , the leading provider and digital innovation , Flame is the first UCI chain available only online, known in English as over- the-top ( OTT ) video offered as premium content for people 15-30 years who inspires and entertains the Latino culture influencing the younger generation of today. For more information, visit TheFlama.com and follow @ theflama .

About Univision Communications Inc.

Univision Communications Inc. ( UCI for its acronym in English ) is the leading media company serving the Hispanic community in the United States. The Company's leading creative content in the United States include: Univision Network, one of the five major television networks in the U.S. regardless of language , and the chain of Spanish-language television most watched in the country, reaching approximately 96% of households are Hispanic television in the U.S.; UNIMAS , a leading Spanish television network that reaches approximately 89 % of households are Hispanic television in the U.S.; and Univision Cable Networks, including Galavision , the leading cable television network in Spanish in the country, and Univision tlnovelas a cable television network devoted to soap operas broadcast 24 hours a day , Univision Deportes Network , a new network dedicated to 24 hours a day, ForoTV , a new cable television network dedicated to news in Spanish 24 hours a day , and an additional set of six cable De Película , De Película Clásico , Bandamax , Ritmoson , Telehit sports Comedy district; UVideos , the first bilingual digital network for U.S. Hispanics ; Univision Studios, which produces and co-producer of " reality shows " , dramatic series and other programming formats for the Company 's platforms ; Univision Television Group, which owns and / or operates 62 television stations in major U.S. Hispanic markets and Puerto Rico ; Univision Radio, the leading Spanish language radio group which owns and / or operates 69 radio stations in 16 of the top 25 U.S. Hispanic markets and Puerto Rico , as well as Uforia , the leading digital music service Hispanic ; UVideos , the first bilingual digital network serving the Hispanic community in the United States, an Interactive network applications and products online and to mobile devices including Univision.com , which continues to be the number 1 site most visited by Spanish U.S. Hispanics ; and Univision Partner Group, a specialized advertising and publisher network . UCI 's assets also include a minority stake in El Rey Network , a new English string 24 dissident founded by filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, and a joint venture with Disney / ABC Television Network for Fusion , a television news pop culture and satire and its digital network. Headquartered in New York City , UCI , television network operations in Miami and television stations and has radio, plus sales offices in major cities throughout the United States. For more information, please visit Univision.net .

About Bedrocket

Bedrocket is changing the way that brands and media companies think about creating video channels and Internet destinations through proprietary technology , original content and societies. The leading Internet destinations include Network Company A, Official Comedy , Look TV, TV Kick , Flame in partnership with Univision News and NowThis , Bedrocket partner company . Investments include Bedrocket What's Trending , Emmy nominee , Fullscreen, VHX and Tubular prize. Bedrocket offers to other media companies , category leaders and creators of Internet videos featured digital entertainment features . For more information, visit Bedrocket.com and follow @ bedrocket .


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SOURCE Univision

SOURCE Univision



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