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After the successful release of his debut single "Blowin' My Mind" feat. Qwote, which had radio airplay on Berlin´s leading radio station Kiss FM Berlin, producer/Dj L-Nize now drops a remix that´s strictly catered to the dance floor. No one less than UK hit producer Bellatrax gave the collaboration between L-Nize and vocalist Qwote (signed to Ultra Records) a completely new twist - more bass, more house, more sexy vibes! A big grooving beat that slowly rises, the tension becomes the foundation for Qwote's hypnotic vocals. The song has a sexy upbeat house-feel to it and is about a mind blowing girl turning all heads in the club. The production was done in Germany whereas Qwote recorded his vocals in Miami; then the record was finally remixed by Bellatrax. A truly international production, "Blowin' My Mind" already have the support of Stonebridge, Miss Nine and Paul Oakenfold, who played it in his world renowned radio show.

“The original version of 'Blowin' My Mind' was my debut single. Naturally as an artist you shouldn't expect much from your debut single but I was positively surprised by the reaction of radio to it. Not only was the single played by Berlin´s leading radio station Kiss FM Berlin, even radio stations in the UK and Australia gave it a shot. Now Bellatrax made a fresh remix that´s strictly for the Djs and club goers.” -L-Nize

L-Nize made his first steps in the music industry as a club Dj in the greater Frankfurt (Germany) area. Initially he was spinning R&B and urban sounds, but later on he added house to his style. However, after a certain time, he desired more creative expression and found it a little boring to only play songs from other artists. So he naturally evolved to producing his own music. A first milestone in his producer career was the opportunity to produce a record for New York R&B artist Bo Benton called "Monster." Taking it a step further, L-Nize also started writing songs with "Blowin' My Mind" being the latest result.

Besides the creative side, L-Nize also started a boutique record label called Veyron Entertainment to evolve in the music business and to present you the freshest club tracks.

Pre-order L-Nize "Blow My Mind" on iTunes here!

Connect with L-Nize:

For booking inquiries: contact: info@veyron-ent.com
For press inquiries: contact Wilf Libgott | wilf@hammarica.com



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