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So it seems like unemployment was the biggest no-no that would make a good-looking man unattractive. But I ask, is the unemployment due to the down-turned economy or is he just a loser looking to be supported by anyone who adores his special features? From our survey, women really have a particular interest in this question and they despise a broke ass man! Man, travel to another city, become a personal trainer/escort, sell snacks on the train, but please get a job if you want a fine woman or man?


2Bad Hygiene

Both women and gay men had a big issue with a good-looking man having bad hygiene. Honestly, if you’re a good looking anybody, you’re halfway there. Why would you mess up all that goodness by being smelly? Some people may like a little musk, but cheesy you know what’s aren’t tasty at all. I’m a man… I know! And I wouldn’t even consider not washing mines before sex!



3Lack of Style

This is an issue gay and straight men chimed in on. I guess they were all good looking. All jokes aside though; a stylish man is appealing and an ordinary one would look even more appealing. So gents, whatever you gotta do to get your game up… do it! Follow us on Pinterest and get some style tips. You can even go to Lenox Mall and scout the mannequins in Bloomies, Versace, Neimans, and Kenneth Cole. And for those who are thrifty, H&M. Oh, and stylish doesn’t mean having your goodies all out for the whole world to see. I know some of you use that to advertise, but that is what Facebook, craigslist, instagram and twitter is for; finding anonymous hook-ups. Yeah, I’m talking to all y’all; heads up ladies, girlfriends and wives!


4Being Self-Absorbed

Okay, it seems like many people had issue with good-looking guys using their looks as head-bangers. Nothing detracts from a good looking man than thinking it’s all about them. Personally, give me an ordinary woman or man with great taste, style, smile, conversation and knows how to throw down in the bedroom and kitchen.



5Lack of Confidence

Woman seems to detest a good-looking man who doesn’t have confidence. I can understand that though. Most women in general, look to their man for comfort and protection. They look for a man that can be their superman in public and in the bedroom. After all, who really want to be with someone who isn’t sure of whom he or she is?



6Being out of shape

Okay, the gay men have this on lock. They want a good-looking man that is fit and healthy. You know what I say about that… get your game up before you want to find that Adonis. It seems like most people in general always want a dime when they are only a 5. And big woman want a skinny man. I really don’t get that, but to each his/her own!



7Nasty Attitude

Both woman and gay men chimed in on this one as well. They said they hate good-looking guys who have nasty attitudes. I must concur! A good-looking man would seem very ugly if he has a nasty attitude. So to all the good looking guys out there, if you have a bad attitude because you know you look good and everybody wants you, not! This makes you uglier than the most unattractive person on earth. Matter-of-fact, you would be thee ugliest person on earth!


8Bad Teeth

This is really huge for gay men. They said no bad teeth here. Honestly, everybody should say no to bad teeth. At some point in your life, you should be able to afford to go to the dentist. It’s no excuse that your teeth are bad and you try to make up for it because you’re really good looking. Man, get a grip and get your mug fixed!



9Being a Cheapskate

Woman and gay men chimed in on this once again.  I guess nothing is uglier than a good-looking man that’s a cheapskate. I must say I’m allergic to cheap people. I consider myself a very thoughtful person who gives really nice gifts. So, if I give you an expensive gift, dammit, I want one as well. You know what I hate even worst is someone who always wants gifts, but don’t ever think to give you one in return. I guess there’s a name for that – gold digging cheapskate!


10Keep an Untidy Home

Rounding off the top 10 list is an “untidy man.” Everyone chimed in on this one. They said hell no to the dirty good-looking man! This seems to be a common thing for men in general. You have a lot of guys out there who love looking good, but are messy as hell. They don’t keep their pads clean at all. Their cars are cleaner than where they live. And women, shame on you! How can you date a guy, go to his house and see that mess and still sleep with him. I had a roommate years back; good looking guy, who had the same personality. This guy had women left and right and even had a steady girlfriend he tried to move in on us. This guy always smelled good, face groomed and looked pristine until you enter his room.  We’re talking about dust packed on his TV and electronics, dresser and everywhere else you could imagine. He was also allergic to vacuuming too. So if you have a dime that is untidy, drop to a 8 and get you a cleaner man!


Commentary By Wilford G.

Let us know your thoughts and leave your comments. If you like our top 10 list, please join us next issue as we will be talking about top 10 turn-on! What turns you on.

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