Final Draft, which comprises of Lucky, Dnyce, Fashun, Divine, and Voice, has released their hot single “For Life” and it debuted on the Billboard R&B singles charts at #3, but is now #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart. “For Life” is a beautiful song that was written and produced by Final Draft. It’s a love song with superb composition that touches the hearts and souls of everyone that listens to it. Whether you’re in love or looking for love, this song is for you. “For Life” is currently available on itunes and cdbaby. Final Draft uses its sales to fund the "I Can Do This" School Tour.

I Can Do This School Tour takes place in inner city middle and high schools where they give away school supplies, and speak on education, the importance of graduating, eating healthy, and saying no to violence. -Jay Love MeMe Agency

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