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Artist On Music: “We are all from The Bronx, New York. However, I (Brinton) moved to Amityville, New York at the age of eleven. I Have a B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) in business and a minor in sociology. My team general interest is to bring substance to the artistic world such as the fashion and music culture. Other interests include giving back and setting others up with a platform to be successful.”

Artist On Fashion: “When designing a shirt we go through finding a concept or a general idea. We may draw a few versions of that concept on paper. Then, we will clean-up the art work with our computers and pick a shirt that can help illustrate our design. And that is the general process for our graphic designs.”

Favorite Designers: “My favorite designers are yohji yamamoto, locals Ayanna Parris as well as my team H. Billi and Ish Smeezy. They all inspire me to think outside the box.”

Ultimate Goal: “I want to change the culture in fashion and be an inspiration; to really think outside the box. I want to make a good living from fashion were we could take care of our loved-ones. I just want my team and I to be successful in fashion, and all the other forms of art we indulge ourselves in. –Royal Mob

Latest Release: Dat Fire (Prod. by Elan)


Twitter: @Royalmobjonrock
Facebook: TheRoyalMob
Tumblr: TheRoyalMob
Bandcamp: The Royal Mob



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