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Q&A with Keyshia Cole’s Lil sister Elite Noel…

What was the definitive moment that made you want to be an artist?

I believe it was five years ago. I had just began to travel and had moved from Oakland to Atlanta. When I recorded and wrote my 1st song I was like “I can do this” (lol).

Who are some of your musical inspirations and what impact have they made on your life and direction in your career?

I’m young with an old soul! I listened to a lot of Aretha Franklin, gospel, Erykha Badu, Lil’Mo, Escape and many others. I grew from this type of music because it touches your soul.

You are the young sister to major recording artist Keyshia Cole. How do you define your own reality as an artist, while encouraging Keyshia and her endeavors?

Keyshia is definitely a huge inspiration to me. I’ve seen her determination and passion for what she does and I’ve soaked up a lot of her creativity over the years, which has helped me to become a better artist. However, I had to find my own niche and figure out what I needed to do to pursue my career.

How have the effects of the BET show you were involved in helped or hurt your musical career?

Being on camera was a bit scary at first. It is something you have to adapt to, but it is also extremely helpful to whatever business venture you want to promote!

Your sister had a story to tell in each of her albums. What story do you want to tell for Elite Noel?

My story hasn’t even began yet… I feel like it is just unfolding and surfacing. I’m starting to figure it all out, like a rose growing from concrete.

How has the transition from Oakland to Atlanta been, from a music standpoint?

Atlanta is a good place to start industry wise. It is like everybody here is doing something with music. There’s a lot of good networking here!

How do you strive to keep your so-called “family drama” out of your career?

There is a time and place for everything… Personal should not be mixed with business, nor should family issues.

You have recently released a single on Itunes called “Family Again.” What is that song about exactly and what was your inspiration?

My sister’s husband Soullow actually came up with the idea of “Family Again.” My family was going through some things at the time and it spoke to my heart and so I recorded it!

elite noel, bipolar behavior, mixtape, usl magazine, oct 2012 issue, uslmag.comWhat can we expect to see from you in the new TV show Keyshia & Daniel: Family First, premiering in October?

So glad that the “fam” is back on TV Family First will be a good look! I play a small part in it; grateful!

When can we expect the album and who are some calibrators you’re looking to work with?

Not working on an Album just yet. I’m taking my time, but I do have a new project I’m dropping soon. In-the-mean-time, my mix-tape Bipolar Behavior Vol. 1 is available.

Will Keisha make an appearance on any upcoming music projects?

Did a bit of creative writing with Keyshia in the studio! We will definitely collab in the future.

You are also working on the pilot for your own reality show. What made you decide this?

My Family is known for good reality TV and I plan on keeping that going.

What is a five-year plan for you?

Truth is I have this Love for Music and would love to share it with the world.


Contributors: Elite Noel & Patrick Kelly

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