Singer Jason London Releases New Single “Hey!”

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For those who do not know who Jason London is, your background and what you have done in the past, please tell our audience who you are and why they’re reading about you?

I am a singer, songwriter and overall entertainer who has had opportunities to open for & be in concert with many of today’s artists such as Tank, Melanie Fiona, Dwele, Omarion, Dondria, Dorrough, Jagged Edge many others. I have been working independently as a full-time recording artist/performer since 2008. And since then, I have taken part in many events such as Essence Festival 2010, Pre & Post Grammy events in LA & Atlanta, many national hair shows, the NBA Allstar Weekend, been on BET Centric TV and performed for several charity events for many national and worldwide Radio Personalities & Pro Athletes. My biggest highlight performances were being on the Super Bowl main event stages in Indiana, for 2012. And I’m currently working on the release of my first EP and signing to a major supporting label!

When was it you realized you could sing and you wanted to make a career at it?

I grew up in the church singing since a very young age. So, I pretty much started out knowing I would make singing as a career, my whole life.

You have an amazing falsetto. Is it natural talent or was it honed through vocal coaching?
Well, to be very honest, I haven’t had much vocal training since my early teens. Before my voice changed, I actually stopped singing for a few years. However, people always say I have serious range. Just wonder what it would be like if I had not taken a break! But it’s definitely God given! Who are some of your musical inspirations?

I have always been a huge fan of great performers who can actually sing live. I’m a huge fan of artist like Otis Redding, Michael Jackson, David Ruffin, James Brown, Brian Mcknight and Stevie Wonder. I’m most definitely a fan of Tank and my bro Joe, as well as RL of Next. They are three very good writers and vocalists. None can deny Whitney Houston, however!

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Article By Patrick Kelly
Contributor: Jason London