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by augm on September 13, 2012

You hail from the Port Loko District in the Republic of Sierra Leone and have been singing since you were a boy. Did you always wanted what step did you take to fuel that passion, when you realized you wanted to go big time?

As  a kid growing up in the Port Loko  District, I have always had the passion to sing and perform in front of people. However,  I never thought  that I would be at this stage  of my career or doing  this type of music now.

Attending North Western High school, in Maryland, was where you first began honing your craft and developing your skills as a singer. What were some techniques, taught to you in high school, you still use to this day?

High school was not the  best experience in my life at all. I was teased and laughed at because  of my African roots, thus,  I started doing music after on in life.

In listening to your music, it has a very international appeal; not just because you’re from West Africa. There are some Reggae influences. And while reading your BIO, you said that you’re hugely influenced by Reggae music, which can be heard in the tone of your current music and how you choose to deliver your lyrics. How similar or dissimilar is West African music in comparison to Reggae music?

The  similarities  of West African music and Reggae varies  based on the feel, how you compose, write the lyrics, mimic the beat pattern, etc.

Who are some of your musical inspirations and why?

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Article By August Mapp
Contributor: Jah The Element


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