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Q&A with Mr. Melody on his latest single…

For those who don’t know as much about Mr Melody as you would like, who are you and what defines your music?

I am just a normal guy who gets captivated and lost in music. My goal is to make feel good music, which will take you on an emotional journey.

Why do what you do and where did that love come from?

That is simple, I can’t stop and the rhythm comes from within.

Where do you feel the state of Reggae music or more popularized dance hall music is right now and how do you categorize your style? Would you compare it to that of Sean Paul or Elephant Man?

Reggae music is world music, which never dies. Dance-hall is forever evolving. My music is versatile. I have much respect for other artists who have taken Reggae music mainstream. These artists are world renowned and I am striving for the same success. Very soon the world will know why I am called Mr. Melody.

Who or what is Road Runnaz Entertainment and how did this relation come about?

Road Runnaz Entertainment is forever on the grind and we try to reflect our work ethic in our music. We don’t stop.

Granted, you’re indie all the way, how importantly is it for an indie artist to manage the manager’s of their career?

As an independent artist, you are taking ownership of your craft. This task is not easy, but the rewards are great. As an independent artist you set the benchmark for yourself and no one…

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Interview By Patrick Kelly
Source: Mr. Melody
Speial Thanks: Ra-Fael Blanco

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