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Bigg Von is someone I've known in the music business now going on 2 years. We first met during an interview for "The Ultimate Spotlight CMV TV Show" taping at Lucky Lounge (Downtown Atlanta) and was introduced by our friend Gee. At that time, Von had a producer by the name of Kill Will, who had just produced Birdman and Lil Wayne's hot, hit single "Fire Flame." Since that time, we have stayed in touch and I've always been intrigued by his workmanship, tenacity to stay relevant and his passion for what he believes in. A talented producer and writer himself, it's know wonder his batting average for signing hit producers have been 9/9. He's a good guy too and this year is going to be an amazing year for him, the MIH team and all that they currently have their hands in.

When was it that you discovered your love for music so much that you wanted to help others discover their love for it as well?

Well, it started off in junior high school. I always had a love for all music. I did some rapping and producing back then and said it would be my second goal to accomplish later on in life. I also wanted to help others succeed as well; with the same dream and goal.

 You're the owner of Make It Happen Management, how did you come up with the name and was it a term of endearment first?

I wanted to make a difference in the music industry. So, every move I made, I did my best to make it happen, so I kinda stuck with the name “Make It Happen.” Plus, child hood friends started calling me “Mr Make It Happen” because that’s exactly what I did; made it happen.

Most people looking to get into the music business often times don't know the first step in becoming legitimate, what do you say to that aspiring producer who's trying to find his/her way?

Well, keep god first in all your decisions, make sure your business is in order with your name, company and music that you produce. It’s also very important to have a good attorney. You have to remember, its 90% business and 10% music. You have to believe in yourself, because if you don’t, no one will!

When choosing to sign or to work with a producer, what are 5 key characteristics you look for to say he/she is the one?

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Source: Bigg Von and Patrick Kelly


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