For this issue, USL Magazine traveled to Soho and Chinatown, New York City to shoot its "Show Ure Fun-Side" fashion spread and had the wonderful pleasure of working with Hairstylist and MUA Dani Scarcella. "Dani has to be one of the most easiest person to work with in the business and she made what would have been a long day of shooting fun." -Patrick Kelly

To be a makeup artist, does it take a background with actual art?

No, I attended Makeup Designory (MUD) which offers a course that gives you a solid foundation on the fundamentals of makeup artistry. I'm forever thankful to my instructor Kelly Budd who taught with patience, honesty and humor.

A lot of people are very picky about how their makeup looks, how do you keep your clients happy?

Consultations give me the opportunity to show people various looks while remaining at their comfort level. I always make it a point of asking what their pet peeves might be before I begin. In fast pace situations, talking them through what I'm doing and why, always seems to keep my clients happy.

How difficult is it to keep your ideas for makeup artistry fresh?

It's Not difficult at all. I love pulling inspiration from different places. I'm always reading fashion magazines, browsing the internet and checking out what looks are hot on the runway, then I put my own spin on them. Exercising keeps my mind clear and my creative juices flowing.

What kind of formal education do you have to receive to make it in the world of beauty?

I don't believe that formal education is mandatory. There are many successful artists in the beauty industry that are self-taught. Regardless of how you receive your education, I believe luck, opportunity and hard work are the key to success.

You have worked for companies such as MTV, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and PBS. How did you land such big gigs?

As a freelance hair and makeup artist, networking is vital to my career. I've been fortunate enough to cross paths with the right people who believed in my work enough, to give me those opportunities.

Is there a different satisfaction doing freelance work than from working in corporate?

There's always a totally different satisfaction in working for oneself. I decided I wanted to make a name for myself and freelancing helped me get recognized as an individual. I like having a fair amount of freedom on a daily basis and being my own encouragement works best for me.

Do you get any satisfactions from "beautifying"  people and if so, what are they?

Yes, I love to show people how to enhance their natural beauty by making some minor changes in their beauty regimen. Showing women the correct way to wear a bold look is priceless because they're usually ready to run out the door and show it off to their significant other!

What is a set goal or determination you are looking forward to achieving?

I'm determined to start traveling outside of New York for my career although I'm grateful for all of the doors it has opened for me. A change of scenery and culture will be a refreshing way to start a "Fraturday," a work day that begins on a Friday and ends a Saturday.

What beauty tips or advice do you have for women wanting to express their best look, but on a budget?

The most important advice that I have for women is that confidence will always make you look more beautiful than any amount of makeup. Spend on skincare, your skin is the star of the show! Clear, healthy skin allows for less makeup altogether. Stay updated on the latest beauty trends by going to and checkout my Beauty Bar. Take a shot!


Source: Dani Scarcella
Contributor: August Mapp



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