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Each month USL Magazine chooses 7 artists that is apart of The UM Choice List. For the May issue, Rapper Pharoh was chosen as one of the seven. Selection for The UM Choice List takes into account ones stature, personality, personal style, business savvy as well as personal and professional reviews from known and unknown sources.

Pharoh was chosen to be apart of the UM Choice List because of his new album release “Jungle Fever.” His style culminates Middle Eastern aesthetics with the raw creative grind of Western hip hop music. Posed to battle anyone who steps to him, Pharoh’s tongue twisted 16 bars will crush the avid rapper, so step only if you wanna get smashed. And, “Welcome To The Jungle” is bangin, but you gotta checkout the rest of the album!


A Little About Pharoh: “As a Chicago native, living in Atlanta whose roots trace back to the holy land, Pharoh began his love of music at the age of 12. His father introduced him to various genres of music including classic rock, blues and reggae. During high school, Pharoh practiced basic rhyming skills with local artists and producers. As his passion became stronger, his musical talent exponentially grew and reached a higher altitude. After linking up with Heval Kelli, a producer with a similar distinctive international touch, Pharoh discovered new musical dimensions which complemented his flow.” –pharohmusic.com





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