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Owner of Atlanta’s own Sweet Box Music, DJ Princess Cut came a long way from spinning at the infamous Magic City. With ties to The Dream, Goddie Mob and winner of the coveted Southern Entertainment Awards for female DJ of the year, it’s no wonder DJ Princess Cut was chosen to be included in this months DJ+Producer Issue. To know DJ Princess Cut is to love her style, mixes and creativity

How did you get the name Princess Cut?

I came up with “Princess Cut” from brainstorming with my brother, the artist Guatemala Shawty. He actually hit me with the name and I dug it right away.

How did you get your start as a DJ?

I started DJing by trying it on a humbug one day at a bar by my house. Ever since that day I was addicted and couldn’t let it go.

Being a DJ, do you ever feel restricted by the music you have to play?

There are times when restrictions are definitely in effect. Whether that be sticking to clean music or sticking to certain genres for a particular crowd or event. Please believe “I love when there are no

Who inspired you to become a DJ?

My inspiration came from music and not necessarily someone. I have a deep love for music and wanted to be able to control what people listened to, in a sense. I would be the one at the house or the party controlling the CD player. As I got older, I’d be the person sitting in the club analyzing the music and wanting to be the one playing it. After I started DJing, I would see DJ Kid Capri live in Atlanta and his set was really motivating and inspiring, once I began DJing.

DJ Princess Cut

Anyone you would like to thank for your success at this point?

There are many people I’d like to thank and I know that I couldn’t mention them all right now. But I’d start with the people that have truly followed me and that dig my campaign and brand. I give thanks to my team Hoodrich as well as the DJ’s who have helped me in any way, since I started.Thanks ATL!

What do you do to give back to the community to show your support?

I do volunteerism at community events and high schools, as well as speak to the youth on career days.

What are some of the pitfalls you have encountered on your way to being one of the top DJ’s in Atlanta?

Mainly I have just had to show and prove. Once that happened, I’ve remained consistence with my talent and providing good business practices.

I see that you are a GSU graduate, but are you originally from Atlanta?

Yes I’m a proud ATLien!

What projects are you most proud of accomplishing, to date?

Projects I’m most proud of accomplishing, to date, are he Goodie Mob Reunion Tour which included an appearance on Jimmy Fallon, and touring with the Outlawz as well as the Dream. I’ve also Deejayed for Neiman Marcus at Lenox Square Mall as their Official DJ, competed as the only female on BET’s Master of the Mix ATL and was selected as a Vibe Vixen.

For all the aspiring female DJ’s out there, what advice do you have?

The classic “practice makes perfect” quote is about the best when it comes to mixing. Learn your self and really develop your own musical style as a DJ.

Where are you currently spinning and what are your upcoming projects?

I spin the 1st Saturday of every month at the Drink Shop W Hotel Downtown as well as various events at Neiman Marcus Lenox Square and throughout Atlanta at various clubs, lounges and boutiques. My current mix-tapes are “Early Morning Tap” and “Bad Azz Yella Gul.” Look out for my new TV show In the Sweetbox featuring your favorite artists, indie artists, and DJ’s.



Contributors: DJ Princess Cut, August Mapp and Patrick Kelly
Special Thanks: Miko Hope

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