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Internationally acclaimed DJ, producer, radio host, and label owner Darin Epsilon is often referred to as a leader of the Progressive & Tech House scene.  His Perspectives radio show and podcast, along with his frequent guest appearances on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio, allow him to reach tens of thousands of listeners on a regular basis.  His Soundcloud page alone has over 400,000 total plays and receives a whopping 10,000 plays per month.  He recently launched his record label Perspectives Digital as an extension of the brand, further solidifying his influence and presence within the global dance community.  To top it all, he was named one of the winners in John Digweed & Beatport’s DJ Competition during the summer of 2011. –darinepsilon.com

Why was DJ Darin Epsilon chosen to be a part of USL Magazine’s DJ+Producer Issue? The writing is on the wall, don’t you think?! Plus, Darin has always been a house favorite since he was first feature on “The Ultimate Spotlight CMV TV Show.”

How do you stay humble after playing in all the biggest nightclubs, traveling the world, and winning awards for something you can basically do in your sleep?

I keep reminding myself that I’m here for the music and the artform, and not for any other reason. Some people assume it’s a glamorous lifestyle with huge rewards, but just like any other profession in the entertainment industry, it requires a grueling amount of work to turn your hobby into an actual career.

How did you get your start as a DJ?

Becoming a DJ was a very natural progression for me. I’ve been a musician for as long as I can even remember.

When I was growing up, I lived about 45 minutes away from Northwestern University, and my first real exposure to dance music came from their local station, WNUR FM.

It didn’t take long before I was bitten by the “DJing” bug, so to speak, and I saved up enough money to buy my first pair of turntables. This was when I was around 17 or so. Fast forward to my senior year of college, and I released my first remix in stores at age 22.

Darin Epsilon

Your first gig, how did that feel?

Extremely nerve-wracking but exhilarating at the same time!

What were some sacrifices made to get to where you are right now?

There’ve been plenty along the way, but probably the biggest sacrifice I’ve had to make was leaving a very comfortable office job. This was absolutely necessary in order to have as much time as possible to work on music. I took an extreme pay cut and it placed me under extreme financial risk. Becoming successful in this field requires a commitment, there’s no doubt about that.

I’d also have to say that moving halfway across the country from Chicago to Los Angeles was a sacrifice because I left behind lots of family and friends to pursue my dream.

Why are you considered a leader of the Progressive & Tech House scene?

Besides being an actively touring DJ, I’m also a producer, radio host, and label owner. I wear many hats in order to have an edge against my competition.

Where did you get the name of your label (Perspectives Digital)?

Perspectives Digital was named after my radio show Perspectives, which has been on the air for over 5 years. I added the word “Digital” to indicate that it’s a digital record label. I’ve signed artists from literally all over the world, including ones from Japan, Russia, Argentina, Holland, Israel, Malta, Armenia, and Australia.

Currently, you can tune into Perspectives every 3rd Wednesday on www.friskyradio.com
, or download all previous episodes for free on Sound Cloud and iTunes.

When creating new music, where do you pull your inspiration from?

Song ideas can come from just about anywhere. Sometimes they happen when I’m doing normal everyday things such as showering, running errands, or walking down the street. Usually I have to write my ideas down as quickly as possible before forgetting them, so I actually came up with my own system of notating music for when I’m away from the studio.

Of all the people you have worked with, who have you enjoyed working with the most?

That’s really difficult to say. Everyone I’ve worked with has had a unique perspective (no pun intended!) and brought something new and fresh to the table.

What are your plans for the future and where do you see yourself and your label 10 years from now?

I hope to continue reaching more ears and expanding the label’s influence. I want to share the music I love with as many people as possible. Ten years from now, I would be happy to hear that my work made a lasting impact on the scene and enriched people’s lives.

Do you have any advice for upcoming DJ’s and producers?

Be patient and have confidence in what you’re doing. Don’t expect to blow up overnight. You need to be prepared to put in as much time and energy into your craft.


Be sure to checkout more music and mixes from Darin Epsilon at Soundcloud.com. Below are just some of the events and nightclubs that featured DJ Darin Epsilon.



Sources: Darin Epsilon and www.darinepsilon.com
Contributor: August Mapp




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