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Back in the old days, gays were probably looked down upon almost as bad as black people were. But years later, America gained just a little bit more tolerance as time went on. From 1980 through 2010, the slogan was “We’re here. We’re queer! GET USED TO IT!” Now in 2012, some straight people might have slogans like “They’re here. They’re queer. GET THE HELL OUT!” or “They’re here. They’re queer. Maybe we should just pretend to like them.” While we might have people who accept the gay and lesbian community, there are still people who actually fear them. In a way, this fear and hatred seems just too irrational.

We have all heard at least one guy say “Aye man, I don’t like those damn faggots man! They might try to come after me!” or “I don’t care what you do, just don’t run up on me like that!” Now in all seriousness, think about the types of guys who are usually quick to blurt those statements out in public at any given time. Now since when have you seen gay men go after the forty year old guy who still rocks corn rows and wears throwback jerseys? Have you ever seen a gay man say “To hell with Brad Pitt and Idris Elba? You see that old white guy who looks like he’s in his 50’s with a beer belly, spitting tobacco juice into a water bottle? OH MY GOD! Gimme a piece of that to go!” Chances are, no you have not heard of that. So why are the men who are good looking and handsome really not open about their dislike for gay men, but these type of guys are always paranoid about some man wanting to get a piece of their chocolate? Women aren’t much better. How many times do you hear women, especially black women, say “That dyke bitch better not come at me with that!” Now I’m willing to bet that the female who said that wasn’t the sexy girl next door from the hood that all the dudes wanted anyway (think about the sexy Nia Long in Friday or Lauren London’s character on the movie ATL). I’m willing to bet my money that the woman who instantly says this about every lesbian they see is probably that hood chick who either has at least 3 kids, allegedly had that “burner” or just the chick that nobody wants in the hood anyway because of her acts of being thirsty. I actually find this funny because I know plenty of handsome playboy type men and absolutely gorgeous women who don’t have this irrational fear of having a gay or lesbian hit on them at any moment. Hell, I think that I’m a handsome man (because my mommy told me), but I don’t just get super uncomfortable whenever I’m around a homosexual and instantly approach saying “Just so you know buddy, I aint on your team. I’M STRAIGHT YOU GOT THAT QUEER!” So tell me why so many of these people are so scared that someone around them might be gay? Maybe because they have some feelings that they aren’t so quick to blurt out in public? Like my father once told me: “The only time someone is scared of a dog is when they plan on letting that dog get close enough to bite.” Now just take a second to think about that.


Contributor: Chris Mobley


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