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A Comical Commentary On The Crazy, Absurd And Ridiculous Things People Do!

When I’m having a private phone conversation, my thought is to be as quiet and discreet as possible. The word private in itself means “pertaining to or affecting a particular person or a small group of persons; individual; personal: for your private satisfaction.” -dictionary.com However, there are some people who’s definition of private or privacy is to involve the congregation of others especially if their intention is to demean someone else.

This particular incident was brought to us by someone who witnessed a young African American man from New York on a bus having a screaming conversation over the phone with another young African American male about him being accused of having sex with his girlfriend. Now we deducted that the gentleman on the other end of the phone conversation was an African American male because he was being referred to as “nig#*” by the screaming young man shouting, “nig#* why the hell you telling people that I Fu#*ked yo Bi*#h, Nig#*.” That’s some Bit#* ass move you dumb Nig#*.” Mind you, this same exclamation was repeated several times just to make sure that both the African American male on the other end of the line as well as the group of people on the bus know that this young man has the upper hand because he was screaming, he was loud and he was degrading.

Honestly one can have a conversation with another person without disrespecting themselves by being a public spectacle. Just because you scream the loudest doesn’t mean you are right, people will take your side or you’re the man. It just makes you look like a fool, really. “An intelligent person know that the best way to solve a conflict is to use rationale and compromise.” People what is really up with today’s young people?”


Source: Mr. G

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