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A Comical Commentary On The Crazy, Absurd And Ridiculous Things People Do!

Generation then and generation now; where does respect start and when does it ends! Can you remember reading a passage in the bible which says “honor thy mother and thy father for your days shall be long upon the earth?” I think the government has scare parents out of properly raising their children with the fear of going to jail if they beat their asses.

How about I witnessed a 17 year old boy utterly disrespecting his mother in front of strangers by berating her with a bunch of f-bombs. Immediately upon witnessing this act of degradation, I began thinking how the mother must be the worst for not raising her son properly; not to know the value and meaning of respect much less to Cherish the ground she walks on. Even if you and your parents don’t get along, there is a certain level of respect that is owed to them and you do not disrespect them around company. And lets not talk about the 17 year old lack of respect for himself and women in general. This is the same type of personality trait that will most often end up beating a women and having future plans of jail time or being dead.

Even more surprising, that same young man, after berating his mother, thought he could transfer that anger to a total group of strangers only to get a promise of a good ass whipping. “We’ll beat your ass like your mother should have done a long time ago!” It’s like a man beating his woman. He only does that because he has cornered her self esteem and muted her into a constant beat-down. However, let him bring that anger to another man and it will be a totally different story; much like him getting that ass served like a tennis ball.

So, what really happened to generation now and why do they have such lack of respect for themselves, thus, lacking respect for others? Generation then was taught to respect their elders, speak when spoken to and never talk back to their parents. I guess generation now is being taught respect through video games; have you listened to one lately. Paraphrasing Chris Rock from Head of State “beat the hell out of your kids, it does a world of good.” It might even save their life!

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