So we scoured the city for people who wouldn't mind us taking a photo of them for our "Fashion Sense" Segment. The people you are seeing all have their own personal sense of what fashion is. Like most who try to have a black-tie party and people show up in jeans and a blazer, and a tiny summer dress with flats; some people in Atlanta either don't have enough fashion sense or don't really give a damn about how they look and what people will perceive of them. Either way, there shouldn't be an excuse for looking shabby. DSW Shoes and H&M is right around the corner in Atlantic Station and the prices are very reasonable for you to find something descent to wear.

Let 2012 be the year that your resolution says "I'm gonna resemble a magazine model no matter my size, complexion, nationality or race!"

In Atlanta, sometimes fashion is at a stand-still?!

Quote: "Looking at these photos, not bad. The men have a cool sense of style, but the ladies could try a bit more." -F

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