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There isn’t a single person who’s in a relationship that is completely and utterly 100% honest with their significant other. As much as we would like to massage our own egos and think that we are the exception; don’t fool yourself. It is so much easier to lie or scave the truth, as some would see it, than bare your soul. And as much as you are in love or committed to God, the bible, Christianity or any other religion, you are still no exception.

Being in a committed relationship is a jail sentence to most people and turns them into habitual liars if they haven’t already adapted the practice. Having a wife, a girlfriend, a husband, a boyfriend, a lover, a partner is all an illusion. It’s a cover for one’s own inhibitions, weaknesses, and as some would consider, immoral degradation. There’s no right if you are heterosexual. There’s no wrong if you are homosexual. And there’s no neutral, in between or on the border, if you are bi-sexual. Honestly, who really cares if you choose to screw another person? It’s a decision all your own, but bigots beckon an arbitration of naysayers as if anyone in their right mind should have the audacity to comment on someone else’s desires, wants and needs. A person once said to me that the reason most people poke their noses in other people’s business is because they are hiding from their own issues. 

Well it’s 2012 and it’s about time that we all make a sensible resolution to be completely honest to our husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, lovers and partners about whom we really are, what we really want and how we really want it.

I sat down in an interview with two Atlanta couples from different worlds, religions, status and backgrounds and they revealed some grown-up decisions that all too many of us make and cannot recover from. Let’s just say they are The Jones and the Levy’s, for all intents and purposes. These two couples were caught cheating and almost destroyed each other and their marriages. The situations were different, but yielded the same end-result; marriages almost ending in mass devastation.

Priscilla Jones told me that when she met her husband David, he was the perfect catch. He had just graduated med school and was offered residency with a top hospital here in Atlanta. Now we all know that med school graduates doing their residency don’t often make a lot of money. However, David was the exception because he came from money. His parents were high school sweet-hearts who had gone on to make a life for themselves as successful entrepreneurs. They had their son David, an only child, and naturally wanted to give him the world and they did. 

Growing up in Chicago, Priscilla told me that her mother always stressed the fact that the best husband is a financially stable one. “No one wants a broke loser, so the first chance I got to marry a winner, I did. And it didn’t hurt that he was handsome, light complexioned and had a nice head of hair. David was my superman saving me from just being a regular chic.”

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