A man with a passion for style and the everyday essence of good grooming sets himself apart form the ordinary with original culture; his original brand. When you see Ken Barber, you get an idea of the man by his tall stature, his well put together physique, his sense of style and the amazing personality to tie it all together.

I first met Mr. Barber over a year ago by happenstance. My co-workers and I happened to stop by a new seafood restaurant at Brickworks in Atlanta while we were in the area. We had just finished shooting for a music television show and I happened to catch a glance of his boutique with intrigue. Mannequins resembling real life size people stood tall in the windows beckoning goers with a well dressed style of what men should look like. When I entered the well manicured mens boutique, I was instantly greeted with a warm smile and hello. The layout was much to be expected now that I'm more partial to Mr. Barber's presentation. I can remember leaving Ken Barber Clothing with a very positive impression of its owner which lead me to do this feature.

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