Each month USL Magazine chooses 7 artists that will be apart of The UM Choice List. For the premiere issue, Kevin Bryant was  chosen as one of the seven. Selection for The UM Choice List takes into account ones stature, personality, personal style, business savvy as well as personal and professional reviews from known and unknown sources.

Kevin Bryant was chosen to be apart of the UM Choice List because of his latest single "I'm Alive." The new single presents a well polished production by Netherlands own Block & Crown with consistently strong lyrics by Kevin Bryant. A moniker for the individual, "I'm Alive" stresses a rebirth of ones self, acceptance and coming into the new.

"Distributed by the sexiest dance label know to man, Hedkandi America made the right choice in distributing the single "I'm Alive" and Kevin Bryant, Block & Crown with Adri Bloc delivered the track that has everybody back on the dance floor" --Pk

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