Each month USL Magazine chooses 7 artists that will be apart of The UM Choice List. For the premiere issue, Jet Phynx was chosen as one of the seven. Selection for The UM Choice List takes into account ones stature, personality, personal style, business savvy as well as personal and professional reviews from known and unknown sources.

Jet Phynx was chosen to be apart of the UM Choice List because he is obviously one of the most creative and stylish, if not thee most stylish music artist our right now. His outfits stretch the imagination, the realm of male grooming, yet there is no homophobia or false pretense to what he does. A gent who is still a gent regardless of what he wears and he his music is hot and can rival most top hip hop artist.

Jet Phynx has teamed up with pop artists Bradway to form the group Typical Friday Night. --TFK





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