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Fashion Sense Contest | October

Mychael Knight | 2012 Lost World Review

by pk on November 8, 2011

Mychael Knight’s first showing as a designer at Bryant Park for season 3 of Bravo TV’s Project Runway finale did not make a statement at all. That line was such a disappoint from a young man whom America thought had so much promise. Now Knight has debuted his 2012 spring line dubbed “Lost World” which is a follow-up from his first; a cliché.

Yes, Mychael is known for dressing the ladies from head to toe and he has always had the right shoes with the must have bag and jewelry to match, however, as talented as he is his lines represent someone who just hasn’t took flight. His 2012 line is cute at best. It doesn’t really offer any significant purpose to fashion or high fashion that is. It’s like a bubble-gum line representing a 1st year student at Bauder. When I first saw photos from his New York fashion week showing, the word that came to mind was gimmicky. The best attributes from the new line are the shoes, belts and models.










Honestly, I feel Mychael Knight has much more talent than he has displayed thus far.

And while his supporters praise him in adoration , they should really tell him to stop putting out lines until he can do it well! I for one am waiting for the day when he flourishes into the creativity he has known since he came into himself. Let it shine Mychael, People will respect you more and we all will be speaking your name as one of the greats in fashion.

Patrick Kelly - Editor-In-Chief of USL Magazine and Contributing Entertainment Writer.
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